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Process Stage 1


All good projects start with careful planning. In order to build a Magento website that ticks all the boxes, we need to:

● set up project milestones and identify specific tasks

● make a specifications list that matches your requirements

● start to think about the architecture of your website


Once we’ve all agreed on a schedule, our designers can start flexing their creative fingers. Concentrating on producing eye-catching, unique design that offers complete ease of use and supports your company’s style to a tee, we:

● start with a ‘workshop’ to determine what you like and what you don’t

● look at your existing branding and decide what’s needed to make it work on the web

● apply our design ideas to the functionality of your website, making sure that usability is never compromised

Coding and development

This is where our Magento-certified team of skilled developers come into play. They take our designers’ ideas and mould them into a working website using best-practice development and a suite of Magento’s intelligent, bolt-on features by:

● performing safe, secure version control

● organising the setup and initialising features and functions

● applying your agreed designs

● integrating third party systems and importing data where necessary

Process Stage 2


This is the crucial bit! We run your website through a range of stringent tests to make sure it’s totally free of any bugs and ready for your customers to start shopping. To thoroughly test your site, we:

● perform comprehensive functionality tests

● complete user acceptance testing (UAT) and the necessary documentation

● fix any bugs that are uncovered

● sign off the project – it’s ready to go live!


You might want an all-singing, all-dancing launch party, you might just want to quietly float your new website out into the sea of ecommerce. Either way, we’ll make sure you’re well equipped to manage the website yourself by delivering a full training session and offering ongoing support.Then you can pop the champagne and wait for your first sale! We’re on hand to take care of:

● reliable, trustworthy hosting

● ongoing development support

● any further training that’s required

Where it all began

Magento started out as open-source software project and was soon snapped up by eBay. Its flexible, scaleable design struck a chord with businesses of all sizes and its client list began to boom. eBay saw a great opportunity and, with its backing, Magento grew into the hugely popular platform it is today. Magento has evolved over time into two editions:

1. Community: based firmly on the software’s origins, this is a version of Magento that anyone can download for free. The basic model is functional, simple and scaleable. You can bolt on extensions and customisations to make it fit your needs. Community is perfect for smaller businesses – basic yet powerful.

2. Enterprise: a more advanced version of the tried-and-tested base software. Larger organisations require more functionality and higher levels of support and that’s precisely what Enterprise can provide.Talk to us about which version of Magento suits your needs.

Build it up, make it yours

The main reason so many businesses love Magento lies in its total flexibility. You might start small but have grand plans; you can always take Magento with you. Which is great, given that you’ll soon come to depend on its high conversion rates, attractive build and wealth of customisation options.By adding on features and allowing your site to to grow with your business, you avoid ongoing development and design costs. Use Magento and you’re investing in a website that will remain practical, even when your business gains real momentum. And by choosing Magento, you’re getting off to a great start.


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